Heaven – Our True Home

Tuesdays, Noon – 1pm
Location: The Coffee Shop

Course Materials

Book: Heaven by Randy Alcorn; Handouts Provided
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Course Description

Would you like to know more about our heavenly home? For instance:

  • Our minds and memories will be clearer than ever before.
  • Personal love continues on in heaven.
  • Our love for God intensifies.
  • We were created for purpose in heaven, too.

Think of your purest joy on earth, then multiply it many times and you just might catch a glimpse of heaven’s euphoria. Even in the Old Testament, David understood enough to write, “In Your Presence is fullness of joy…” (Ps. 16:11).

“Heaven is the perfecting of the highest moments of our present Christian experience” (Dr. Irwin Lutzer).

Come join us to fellowship and discuss the treasures He holds for us in the coming days.

Additional Resources

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